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Why I think Jeremy Corbyn drinks Buckfast ‘fortified wine’…

There have been many stories lately which give us a rare glimpse into the private lives of some of Labour’s best-known MP’s, including their ‘poison of choice’ when letting their hair down.

It’s impossible not to see that there are some serious differences in the weekend behaviour of Labour Party representatives, and I think this might actually bear some resemblance to their ‘status’ within the Party itself.

If we look at the personality of the MP’s, we can see that their drink of choice actually does appear to correlate with their upbringing and current status. Therefore, it might not be too difficult to apply similar correlation theory to guess at other MP’s preferred alcoholic beverage.

Chuka Umunna

Chuka UmunnaThe Labour leadership debate had hardly opened when Chuka declared he was a candidate, only to withdraw pre-emptively in response to a weekend news story showing him to be a member of an exclusive members-only ‘den’ where one can eat a steak for £150 and drink Cognac up to £3,500 per bottle. Chuka Umunna even has his own £300 Cognac ‘locker’ and a VIP key.

Hennessy-ParadisSo Chuka, the Tory Boy of Labour, lives a high-end social life mixing it privately with the leading lights of industry, media, music, sport and politics. He drinks Cognac at up to £3,500 a bottle (cannot see why you’d pay for the locker if you were ordering the cheap stuff).

An average night out for Chuka Umunna might cost in the region of £2,000 for himself alone.

Lord Sewel

Lord Sewel snorts CocaineLord Sewel has been forced to resign after The Sun published a video today showing him taking cocaine with a pair of £200-a-night prostitutes in his flat. Baron John Sewel, 69 years old Deputy Speaker in the House of Lords, was a huge ally of ex-PM Tony Blair (who we’ve already covered quaffing £3,000 bottles of Claret with his Oil Baron mates).

Lord Sewel is also charged with upholding Standards in the House of Lords, making his own scandal even more ironic somehow.

Lord Sewel, whilst probably the most disgraceful of those we are focussing on today, at least ensures he gets value for money, with two hookers and a night on the drugs maybe setting him back £700 (even allowing for some alcohol as a side-tipple).

John Bercow

John Bercow spends £500 on WineThe much-maligned Speaker of the House of Commons, MP John Bercow, has been racking up the scandals since the General Election in May 2015.

He has had a very public split from his crazy-assed wife, Sally.

He has been criticised heavily for wasting taxpayers money on expenses for ridiculous ‘taxi rides’, with a £172 expenses receipt for a 1 mile journey being particularly flagged in the media.

But, we also got a taste of his alcohol choice from The Sun today, with a story of big-spending Speaker John Bercow charging taxpayers nearly £500 in expenses for a boozy bash with his Commons cronies. He used his official credit card to pay for 28 bottles of wine – and left a £52 tip.

Mr Bercow, 52, bought drinks for MPs appointed by him to the Panel of Chairs at a subsidised restaurant in Parliament, yet strict Commons rules ban MPs from putting alcohol on expenses.

John Bercow may like to travel in style, but he is quite frugal with his choice of tipple, his wine averaging only £15-16 per bottle.

Jeremy Corbyn

Jeremy Corbyn_Labour_0There are no scandals surrounding Jeremy Corbyn and his expenses, yet he has been an MP since 1983 (Islington North). Corbyn is often amongst the lowest in terms of MP expenses submitted and he is not one to splash out on expensive designer suits, let’s face it.

I have some experience in the pub/club trade and I can usually hazard a fair guess as to someone’s choice of drink simply by looking at, and/or listening to, them for a short period. So, looking at Corbyn and considering the following factors, I have come up with what I consider to be a decent guess at his choice of tipple.

The factors I’ve considered are:

  • General appearance (dishevelled, poorly groomed, no tie, etc).
  • Expenses (tends to be amongst the lowest claimants annually).
  • Ideology (Corbyn is a Marxist, left-leaning Socialist, a man-of-the-people).
  • Upbringing (quite basic, Grammar schooled, no University or boarding for him).
  • Social (little is known of him in the public world, other than propensity for marriage, currently being on his 3rd).

BuckfastWhen I consider Jeremy Corbyn and the public persona currently being attributed to him, I can only come up with one decent estimate when considering his tipple of choice – Buckfast!

Update: Don’t even get me started on his affair with Diane Abbott

Buckfast is described as a ‘fortified wine with caffeine’, brewed by Benedictine monks in Buckfast Abbey, Devon. It is a drink of choice for those who just ‘want the job done’, without expending too much time or money into getting it done.

I’m almost certain Jeremy Corbyn is a fan of Buckie, it stands to reason. Buckie sets one back approximately £7 per 75cl bottle……or so I’m told.

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