UK Media con general public over death of Aylan Kurdi on Turkish beach

I have always complained that the mainstream media in the UK is biased, but I have never before seen a complete ‘hatchet job‘ such as the outcry over the image of the poor child (Aylan Kurdi) lying dead on a beach in Bodrum, Turkey.

The BBC, in particular, are using this image and the story behind it (well their version of the story) to whip people into a complete frenzy and have them clamouring to accept migrants into the UK.  They are not alone though, the majority of our largest newspapers are also jumping onto the same story, many even printing complete untruths over the details behind the story.

UPDATE 11/02/2016: The Telegraph

Two alleged people smugglers on trial over Aylan Kurdi’s death.

It seems the father IS involved in some fashion too, as we had suggested.


Two children (Aylan, 3 and his brother Galip, 5) died alongside their mother Rehma, 35.  Their father Abdullah survived.

Let’s take some FACTS and consider this story for a moment:

  • The family had been living in Turkey since the beginning of the year, so they were no longer ‘fleeing war-torn Syria’ as is being reported widely (they fled Kobane at the end of 2014).
  • The boys (both sons died, along with their mother) were aboard one of two boats departing from Bodrum in Turkey, headed for Kos in Greece.  Their father survived.
  • They intended to travel to Europe, in order to take advantage of free dental care which the father needed, then eventually head onto Canada to settle with relatives.
  • They already had an asylum application turned down by the Canadian government, due to the fact they were actually living in Turkey, not Syria.  The application had been made under a different forename for the father, with the BBC reporting this was actually another brother entirely.
  • The family were receiving money from relatives in Canada, but were unable to get the many thousands needed to pay for the father’s dental requirements, due to limits on Western Union transfers.
  • The bodies were returned to Kobane in Syria for burial and their father has stated he will return to Syria now (the war must not now be an issue for the father).
  • The family did not travel, or intend to travel, via any legitimate routes, instead opting to pay people-smugglers 4000 Euros to transport them to Europe, however perilous this may have been.
  • Abdullah Kurdi (the father) was identified by two separate witnesses from the boat as the ‘people smuggler’, both women had no axe to grind.

The Aunt’s interview

An interview screened on Sky News with the aunt of the boys (the father’s sister) was quickly removed from any further screenings when it was found not to support the views of those who wish to use these children’s deaths for political purposes.

Watch this, then compare this with some of the articles published on the subject in the UK media.

The UK front pages

The front pages of most of our national newspapers made some serious political capital from the death of this poor child, calling for the UK to accept more Syrian refugees, but conning the general public by spinning the story without the actual facts:

syrian-beach-death1 syrian-beach-death2 syrian-beach-death3 syrian-beach-death4 syrian-beach-death5 syrian-beach-death6

Now our politicians are jumping on the bandwagon

Now that this image has been used in such a shocking way, our politicians (and some celebrities) are fuelling the fire by posing with images portraying the #RefugeesWelcome hashtag, clamouring for the UK government to accept more Syrian refugees, even though this particular family had indeed made it to safety in Turkey at the end of 2014 and could not be classed as an urgent case.


Natalie Benett has called for UK to accept 250,000 Syrian Refugees

Yvette Cooper

Yvette Cooper blatantly ignores the fact that she voted for the Iraq war and against action in Syria against ISIS


Poor Liz Kendall, the least likely to become Labour’s new leader

What now?

The media, with their biased reporting, have managed to stir up a vociferous section of the UK public to call on the government to accept more Syrian Refugees, ignoring the fact that most travelling to/through Europe are actually military-aged males, have paid thousands to people-smugglers and the most needy are actually in Refugee Camps along the Syrian borders.

This story has cemented the ‘fleeing war-torn countries‘ viewpoint, now being applied equally to any migrants crossing Europe ilegally, even though a large percentage are from countries like Eritrea, Pakistan, etc.

David Cameron is now considering taking in 4000 Syrian Refugees, the EU’s Juncker is trying to dish out tens of thousands more across Europe and meanwhile countries like Hungary are point-blank refusing to take any more Muslims.

The richest of the Middle Eastern countries, like Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait, etc have taken NO Syrian Refugees at all, which is something that needs to be addressed before we flood the UK with any more.

None of the richer Middle-Eastern countries are taking any Syrian refugees in, so why should Europe?

None of the richer Middle-Eastern countries are taking any Syrian refugees in, so why should Europe?

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