Tory MPs capture public anger over bogus allegations against British troops in Iraq

In the wake of the current furore over bogus claims being brought against UK servicemen for so-called abuses committed in Iraq, Tory MP’s showed their anger today in the House of Commons during Justice Questions.

UK troops have already been vindicated in the previous Al-Sweady Inquiry, but serving and ex-serving troops are now awaiting developments in a fresh round of allegations being brought forward via the Iraq Historical Allegations Team and courts by a bunch of money-grabbing so-called Human Rights lawyers.

Many have called for these fresh allegations to be thrown out, legal aid to be refused and for lawyers pushing these spurious and baseless claims to be disciplined in a strict fashion.

Tory MP’s Mike Fabricant & Craig Tracey today questioned the Justice Secretary, displaying the indignation and concern which is endemic amongst a disbelieving UK general public.

Whilst it is obvious the UK government is concerned over these recent allegations, it is difficult to feel reassured they will defend our troops in the decisive manner we would ask them to.

Al-Sweady Inquiry, 2014

Al-Sweady Inquiry, 2014

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