Tommy Robinson, PEGIDA UK, debates Islam and Immigration on Arab TV

Tommy Robinson, co-founder of PEGIDA UK, appeared live on Arab TV channel Al Jazeera today, 07/02/2016.

The debate centred on the synchronised PEGIDA rallies across Europe and the mass immigration of Muslims into Europe. Tommy came under fire a few times, but put in a very strong performance.

Pay specific attention to the video from 14 minutes in.  The host tries to trip Tommy up by quoting verses from the Bible. Tommy proves more than a match for this and counters with quite a rant at the Qatari owners of the TV station.

The ‘far right’ rhetoric is consistently used across all mainstream media, yet when one hears Tommy speak and actually READS the PEGIDA manifesto, one cannot help but feel they are speaking for a wider spectrum of ordinary Europeans than the media would have us believe.

I’m not comfortable with this ‘far right’ label, hence my interest and my ‘following’ of related events. I do feel that, whilst Tommy Robinson et al make valid points, delivering them as clearly and logically as his efforts today, then surely they have every right to be heard.

I saw nothing to suggest that PEGIDA UK were trying to ‘rally a mob’ or incite violence at their protests, in fact they appeared to work very hard to deliver a message of peaceful demonstration. It also appears that most of the sporadic violence across Europe on Saturday was initiated by the ‘far left’ anti-PEGIDA protestors, who seem a lot less intent on peaceful protest.

“West Midlands police said they made one arrestat the anti-fascism counter demonstration for a public order offence – during the Birmingham rally, one of 14 expected to take place around Europe on Saturday.”

The Guardian, 07/02/2016.

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UPDATE: There IS a portion of Tommy’s speech CUT from the footage above, this LINK gives the edited portion.

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