Tommy Robinson, PEGIDA co-founder, found unconscious after weekend attack

Update 16/02/2016:  Tommy finally back & on the mend.  Sense of humour still intact it would appear.

Tommy Robinson on the mend.

News is emerging on Facebook today that Tommy Robinson, co-founder of PEGIDA UK, is in hospital following an attack during a night out in Essex last night (13/02/2016).

It seems Tommy, on a night out with his wife, was found unconscious with head injuries.  He is currently in hospital, but thought to be recovering.

Tommy Robinson attackedThis is not the first time Tommy Robinson has been attacked and he has been hinting more lately than normal that he feels he is in physical danger.  His mistrust of the local police affords him little feeling of protection from authorities.

Tommy’s recent appearance on Arab TV channel Al Jazeera sparked controversy, receiving particular infamy due to a portion being cut by the station.  I did feel that particular appearance could cause him harm, being a very direct form of confrontation and one likely to be well publicised.

Let’s hope Tommy recovers soon and has no permanent damage.  Whilst he has his critics, Tommy is reaching out once again through his Pegida UK activities, debating the topics which many feel need addressed.

Update 15/02/2016 2.30am: Tommy is now home, so let’s hope he gets healed up & we hear from him soon.

Tommy Robinson attacked

Update 15/02/2016 3.15pm: Back in hospital, much more detail available HERE.

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  4. Steve51

    Tommy, You know, you need some armed body guards. Think of your future. Tommy, Im a real true leftie from America. Lifetime leftie, civil right, anti-viet nam, early and hard, anti Bushs invasion of Iraq, before he did it even. But this is not a left right matter. Its not an anti muslim matter. Its about western culture, western civilization. Kid, you been damned good and damned lucky. Dont let it go to your head (no joke intended) but you could just be somebody of historical importance, assuming you take care of your skull, your wife and daughters. You know in the US, citizens can own guns. Im not reacommending you do,, but son, I m orecommending you get one or two boys around you licensed to conceal and carry. And remember, this is a leftie, a liberal mo fo talking to you. You were very courageous to speak out against the nazis and racists. You are poised for a leadership role, but damned boy, here we know how easily somebody like Martin Luther King Jr can be taken out. Dont let that happen to you. Get real, take these threats serious. You have been given a task. Step up.

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