The UK and our masters in the EU should be ashamed over the migrant boat death toll

The Western WorldCertainly it is horrifying to think of all those people drowning in the Mediterranean, as they try to cross from North Africa, crowded into boats unsuitable for such a trip.

Certainly anyone who has a heart at all will feel sympathy for these people.

Certainly we should be clamouring for the EU to actually do something about all this, BUT we need to address the problem correctly, in a manner which will stop this madness, and ultimately lead to preventing such horrific loss of life.

This is not a problem brought about because of our intervention in Libya, though we can certainly say Libya is a factor – the unstable nature of the country and its geographical proximity makes it ideal for the people traffickers to use Libya as a focal point for their fiendish operations.

There have been many thousands of migrants using this method of entry into the EU for many years, even a BBC news reporter today related his involvement in covering the story 12 years ago from Malta.  Let’s face it, the BBC nowadays are so biased towards the ‘Left’ politically, and are so hell-bent in rubbishing anything ‘Tory’, they are reporting this whole tragedy with spin and political bias.  This story is being used by the ‘Political Left’ to shore up their defences when anyone questions them about immigration.  It is easy now to call anyone who questions Immigration a heartless person.  All well and good – but any decent-minded person wants the death to stop, and stop now.

The Australians had a problem with boats coming from Indonesia for a couple of years, but they dealt with it (in my opinion) correctly, they stopped it AT SOURCE via blockading and turning back boats before they got far enough out to sea to actually be in trouble.  They targeted the people traffickers – the people who are actually at fault in all of this, and they have not had a single boat this year so far.  Yet again Australia showed the world how to deal with illegal immigration properly, and with no further loss of life.

To continue to simply rescue these poor people from the boats being sent by traffickers is making the problem much worse – the percentages work in favour of those trying to cross as they see many of their countrymen getting rescued and looked after in Europe.  To think that they have an 80% (or higher) chance of success is a risk most will feel well worth it.

We have to remember that, whilst some of these people are certainly travelling huge distances to flee horrific world events – the majority are simply migrants who have managed to scrape together the 1000 Euros needed to pay a trafficker, to allow them a chance at a better life.  The refugees in camps all around Syria’s borders do not have the cash or the ability to travel to Libya to board a boat bound for the EU.

Yes, these people are trying to leave a country (whichever one) which is not good to live in – but that is because the vast majority of these countries are in turmoil politically, militarily and economically – all things we have blood on our hands over.

There are a few things the EU, aided by the UN, need to do to stop this senseless death, and to allow these poor folks a decent life:

1) We need to stop the boats the minute they are launched – this can only be done with a proper blockade of the coastline of North Africa.  We need to have patrols turning these boats back the moment they are launched.  This policy alone appears to be inhumane, as a lot of these people are trying (as should be everyone’s right) simply to create a better life for themselves and their family.  That said, we have to stop this and a blockade will immediately reduce the death toll.

2) We need to target and, if needs be, wipe out these people traffickers.  I have no qualms at all about drones or whatever being used to blow this scum to whatever hell their religion believes in.  Anyone who would take money to cram men, women and children onto rickety boats, without a care for their safety, loses all Human Rights in my view.

3) We need to deal with the Libya problem that we helped to create.  We removed a dictator as part of our ‘Arab Spring’ in Libya, but we left the country to its own devices afterwards and it is a complete mess, with armed militia running amok and terrible atrocities being committed against innocents daily. We need to put UN peacekeepers on the ground immediately, and if some bad people have to die – then so be it, because some bad people NEED to die.

4) We need to look at the way the whole Western (supposedly civilised) World treats the continent of Africa.  We have, since we first discovered the place, robbed these countries of their huge natural resources, giving the local population little or nothing in return.  We refuse to trade fairly with them, we use their people to shore up our own when we need workers, we send our own workforce into their country and we take from them at the point of a gun where necessary.  This needs to stop – we need to agree that everyone, everywhere, has the right to a decent life.  If we stopped selling arms to despots, offered military intervention against inhumane governments, refused to allow dictators to hide all of a country’s wealth in our banks, etc. – we would do the people of Africa a real favour.

5) We need to rethink our whole policy towards the Middle East.  Nothing we have done in the past decade or two has helped.  We have caused further division between the already warring factions of Islam, forcing amendments to borders and refusing to recognise that they simply cannot live together in the way we want them to.  We support the Middle Eastern countries who sell us Oil, ignoring their Human Rights breaches against their own people. Think of Saudi Arabia now, and the atrocities they are perpetrating in Yemen – yet we refuse to admit they are a part of the problem, and we support them militarily, permitting them to kill children almost daily.

6) The UK needs to leave the constraints of the EU, it is costing us a fortune and we get nothing in return except the promise of increased trade.  I don’t believe this – I think the EU would continue to trade with the UK, even with us on the outside.  This would allow us to treat our Commonwealth countries properly, trade freely with them, and allow them to improve the lives of citizens we are sworn to protect.

7) We need to halt the flow of arms into already problematic areas.  We need to stop supporting dictators who kill their own population to maintain control.  To give aid to countries where it is being used to buy arms and fund war, instead of providing help to a needy population, is money not only wasted, it adds to the blood already on our hands.

8) We need to intervene in the Middle East, one final time.  This time we take ISIS out completely, with ground troops if needed, and remove a major thorn in the side of all right-thinking people in the Middle East.  We have happily involved ourselves in war in the past, but lately we seem to be unable to get the support necessary to stage a proper intervention.

9) We need to deal with Syria properly – this war has lasted far too long and the suffering we have permitted to happen is shameful.  The millions of refugees from Syria are being left to suffer whilst the West flaps around, without actually helping in any structured way.  If this means troops – then so be it.  Our army is more than capable, with the help of allies, to sort this situation out.  I would be proud to support our troops in a military campaign to stop the suffering of millions in Syria, rather than make the complete balls up we are currently.

It is sad that we all get so interested only when bodies start to float close to our (European) borders, that we cannot see that we are part of the problem, and that we refuse to do what is ethically, morally and humanely correct to ease the plight of millions of people.

Shame on the EU, shame on the UN, and shame on those ‘lefty’ politicians who use the death of so many for political gain.  It seems an African or Middle Eastern life is less worthy than a ‘Western’ life, and that does not sit well with me at all.

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