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The LEFT: We understand you lost the Election….but BE REASONABLE

Douglas Carswell Mobbed outside ParliamentI supported, vocally where possible, the Conservative campaign during the General Election of 2015. I’ll make no apology for it.

I was pleased with the Election Result, seeing it as a stamp of approval from the UK voter for the continuation of a miraculous economic recovery, one I felt was under threat going by the rhetoric oozing from the Left.

I was increasingly alarmed and worried about the Labour campaign, feeling their Economic Plans and Policies were all over the place and potentially very dangerous for the country. It now seems, since Labour failed to gain power, all the potential leadership candidates are now lining up to agree with me (albeit without even knowing I exist).

I am now dismayed by the level of protest, the type of protest and the general hate emanating from the activists who have hijacked the Left to pursue some sort of anarchistic, anti-establishment, hate-filled chaos-fest and who have even those on the Liberal-side ducking for cover.

I would still hold out hope that those more sensible-minded from the Left or Centre-Left will regain some sort of control of their political parties, supporters and activists, exerting influence in a more positive way and preparing to be a voice of reason in opposition to the government. Nobody who voted Tory will deny that it is always in the best interests of the country to have a strong Opposition, in order to properly debate all government policy and provide an alternative view in Parliament.

I’d ask anyone who wields any influence over what looks like a Left Implosion currently, to look a little closer at some of the issues being forced down the throat of the Working Class then ask “ARE THEY BEING REASONABLE”?

Is it Reasonable?

Is it reasonable to ask that I, and every other person in the UK who works hard, should be asked to pay more into a system which rewards people who do not work with a lifestyle we all struggle to manage for ourselves?

“The annual welfare bill doubled to £186 billion at a cost of £6,400 per year for the average worker” from 1997-2010.

Nick Wood, 05/05/2014

Is it reasonable that I, an occasional smoker who works 7 days per week, have to watch my expenditure and cut my own ‘vices’ in order to afford the constantly increasing taxation my government forces upon me, then hands out to people who afford their lives little or no self-control?

“Studies of deprived and disadvantaged groups have shown smoking levels among lone parents in receipt of social Security Benefits in excess of 75%”.

Action on Smoking & Health (based on 1994 study).

Is it reasonable that I have to mentally schedule what time I can get a ‘slot’ in my local area to walk my (easily excitable) dogs at lunchtime simply because I am surrounded by people who do not work, have little else to do all day other than wander aimlessly around with dogs on leads, fag hanging from the corner of their mouth (because they don’t need to worry about wasting it, they can simply let them hang there and burn away, they only cost over £7 for a pack of 20)?

Certainly this could be argued that I am being selfish, but surely I am entitled to the same space and use of local amenities as those who are unfortunate enough to have their days free.

Is it reasonable to ask that someone who is claiming ALL of their income from the taxpayer maybe has to wait a little longer to be able to afford a new 42” Wide Screen TV, whilst I still have the old type sitting in my Living Room because I always seem to find something more pressing to spend my hard-earned cash on?

Scarily, I will have to address this problem soon, Sky Sports News now almost require Wide Screen capability in order to see the statistics & tables they display down the side of the screen (a must for an OCD, sport-loving, geek like myself).

Is it reasonable to ask a hard-working couple, who have saved hard and moved into their first marital home, to wait to have a child until they catch a break in the promotional merry-go-round of Industry, whilst the lady down the street drags up 7 children of various non-existent fathers, all paid for by the taxpayer?

Is it reasonable to force-feed me news story after news story about the half (or one?) million people using Food Banks in this country because of the Coalition and their nasty attempts to balance the books and pay our way in the world, in a vain attempt to get me to change my vote in the General Election, to then a few weeks later produce stories about 400,000 parents who smoke regularly, at the expense of feeding their kids?

“The claim that over a million people are using Trussell Trust food banks is inaccurate. It comes from confusing the number of different people using Trussell Trust food banks in a year with the number of times they use the food banks.”, 24/04/2015

“People I know told me they often use it if they have been out on benders over the weekend and spent all their benefits. Come Monday, they have no money left. Then they just ask the Sure Start nursery staff where they take their kids for vouchers.”

Nicky Sanders, mother of 5, using a Food Bank

“Around half of the 2.3 million children living in relative poverty in the UK have a parent who smokes”

The Independent, 29/05/2015

Is it reasonable to ask me to pay additional taxation so that my government can hand it, and many millions more, to other countries under the guise of International Aid, whilst these countries pursue Nuclear Weapon and Space Programmes?

Our Foreign Aid is not always best spent...Is it reasonable that I have to conform and bow down to a particular set of beliefs which require me to forgo all of my religious, or non-religious, upbringing? Should I have to permit what can only be described as hatred towards what I respect and hold dear so as to appear to be an upstanding member of a new and diverse society?

Protestors at return of British soldiersIs it reasonable that I have to watch my own country be dictated to by unelected representatives in Brussels (under the obvious influence of our new masters in Germany and France), limiting where I and others like me can trade fairly, when I am bombarded all day by vile images of poverty, corruption, greed, rape, murder, starvation, war and any other number of atrocities to the people in the 3rd World who only want a life like anyone else in our species and who only want to be treated by the rest of the World as an equal part of it?

Our own article re. Migrant Boat Crisis

Is it reasonable that I have to watch politicians argue, deceive and blatantly lie to bully me and everyone else into believing they care about us when they cover-up THOUSANDS of cases of Child Abuse throughout our country, reaching into the very echelons of power?

“Child Abuse cover-up: IPCC to probe claims that MP’s, judges, police, actors and clergy were protected.”

The Telegraph, 27/03/2015

“Dr Heal told the Sheffield Star that child sexual exploitation had been put in the “too hard to deal with tray” and a senior police officer informed her at the time that “burglary and car crime were policing priorities set by the government.”

The Independent, 05/05/2015

Is it reasonable that I have to worry about a constantly increasing potential for a horrible death or maiming, for me or my family, at the hands of Islamic Extremists because of those in my country who do not want to offend 5% of the population by refusing re-entry to returning Jihadi Terrorists and their disciples?

“Under a quarter of returning UK Jihadists have been charged by courts.”, 24/01/2015

Is it reasonable that I, and many millions of others in the UK, pay taxes which are then handed by the BILLIONS to an EU which has not even had its own accounts properly audited for 20 years?

Has the EU Budget been rejected by Auditors for the past 18 years?”, 07/11/2012

Is it reasonable that I, and many millions of others, have to watch people ridicule my country, threaten my country and attempt to divide the people of my country, being given more and more ‘air-time’ on a so-called State Media which we then have to pay for the privilege of being capable of watching, under threat of jail if we refuse or cannot afford to pay?

“I was also gravely concerned by the BBC’s coverage of CAGE. I felt it was disproportionate and insensitive to give them the top slot on the 10pm news, before the relatives of the victims were given air time.”

Theresa Villiers, 04/03/2015

Is it reasonable that this same State Media can accept millions in funding from a corrupt EU, then we are expected to vote on a momentous decision for the future of our society, based upon the information they provide us in the campaign surrounding the upcoming EU Referendum?

“The millions in EU funding the BBC tried to hide.”

The Spectator, 28/02/2014

Is it reasonable that we have to hide publicly the fact that we voted for a government, in the General Election of 2015, which would cut government waste and expenditure so that we could work down the spiralling debt our country has been plunged into, maybe allowing our grandchildren the luxury of not having to pay for our recklessness years from now?

“We must let the Conservatives finish repairing the economy – but they must give Capitalism a better name”

Alex Brummer, 05/04/2015

Is it reasonable to violently demonstrate against a democratically elected government, elected in a fair election, run to a set of standards which we have had for a long time, simply because the country decided they were the best of the bunch at that particular time?

Are these people planning to 'protest' peacefully?Is it reasonable to treat a fair-minded, democratically elected MP such as Douglas Carswell, in such a vile, contemptible way – a man who, if you listened to what he has to say, is genuinely on the side of the people he represents, who offers a lot of the very things you have headlining your placards?

“A Left-wing mob tried to assault me in broad daylight. What made them so angry?”

Douglas Carswell, 28/05/2015

Is it reasonable to ask me to believe you care for Equality, Fairness, Health, etc when you deface a War Memorial, during a protest, on the very day we are celebrating the sacrifice these people made to give you the freedom to demonstrate in the first bloody place?

“Vandals deface War Memorial on VE Day weekend as anti-Tory protest gets ugly.”

Daily Mirror, 09/05/2015


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