The failed feminist ‘verbal assassination’ attempt on Milo Yiannopolous

milo yiannopolousThe ‘Fabgaycon’ (Fabulous Gay Conservative) Milo Yiannopolous (@Nero) took on a tough crowd today at BBC The Big Questions.

It was never going to be a calm debate, given the prominent guest list, but he calmly combatted all fallacy with truth & facts, leading to a smear or two being levelled at him by his nemesis – feminists.  It does seem consistent with their previous behaviour to deflect from the facts, preferring to make the debate take a more personal direction.

My video clip shows the complete exchange between Milo Yiannopolous, Kate Smurthwaite & the serially inconsistent Connie St Louis.

At the end of the video clip, I’ve added some slides of follow-up tweets, news & general information to support Milo’s side of the debate, since he was struggling to be permitted to fully do so in the studio.

It will be interesting to see how St Louis gets herself out of this latest debacle, having come through her smears on Tim Hunt relatively unscathed.

What is even MORE scary is that this lady is a ‘Senior lecturer in Journalism’ at City University London. What sort of tutor or role model is she for aspiring Journalists?



Update 24/01/2016: Connie St Louis releases statement

References & further reading

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