Sting priases Allah at Bataclan concert Justice & Human Rights

Sting ‘praises Allah’ at Bataclan reopening concert

The Bataclan concert hall in Paris was reopened last night, with a performance by Sting, only a year after Islamist Militants brutally murdered 89 people there.

The Bataclan atrocity shocked the West and rumours surfaced later of some horrific torture being inflicted on victims.

Now, we all need to get along, this is not in dispute. What is in dispute, however, is the wisdom of Sting praising Allah during his performance.

The killers a year ago were also invoking the name of Allah, believing their terror to be approved by him as they push their depraved agenda of genocide for all non-Muslims.

We cannot attribute the Bataclan massacre to ALL Muslims, to the Allah most would revere, but we cannot also ignore the fact that those committing these heinous crimes were Fundamental, Radical Islamists, but Muslim nonetheless. They shouted their praise for Allah in the same venue, as they slaughtered 89 innocents.

Sting praises Allah at Bataclan concertAs is normal in UK media, they decided to omit this fact. The fact they did ignore it suggests to me that even they thought it was unwise, disrespectful and a downright insult to the many victims (some of the survivors are still in hospital, a year after the attack).

I’m sorry Sting, I was previously a fan, but your virtue-signalling effort has gone a step too far. It’s unpalatable to even the biased UK media (or perhaps they simply worried it might be unpalatable to the UK general public?).

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