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Simon Danczuk, Labour MP for Rochdale, and a very confused guy

simon-danczukThis Labour MP, Simon Danczuk from Rochdale, came to my attention (as with most of the British Public) when he was appearing to champion the cause of Child Abuse in Rochdale, and the cover-up surrounding that morbidly obese nonce Cyril Smith.  Alright, he co-authored a poorly composed effort at a book on the subject, for which he took a small income – but he did a lot for raising the profile of the issue with the media and the establishment in general.

I originally thought of him as a ‘good guy’ who was going to finally put a serious matter on the table, raising it’s public profile, and we’d finally see something done about it.  Fair play to him, no matter what his other faults, he did raise awareness of the issue (even if he is changing his tone somewhat to fit the political landscape nowadays).

Now, however, I see a mixed up man, unsure of his own politics.  I see a man who is frightened his slim majority in the 2010 General Election may be lost, and himself out of a job on May 8th.

Let’s examine Mr Danczuk a little more closely, because the media only seems to be scratching the surface on this guy.

Some background

Simon Danczuk, born in Rochdale on 24th October 1966, grew up in relatively humble surroundings (in comparison to the other Toff’s he now works with).  He started work at 16 in a factory making Gas fires, before moving to work for ICI.  He joined the Labour Party via the GMB Union in the late 1980’s.

He studied at night school, gaining the qualifications he missed in secondary school, before gaining a place at Lancaster University to study economic sociology and politics as a mature student.

Simon Danczuk has certainly got the correct pedigree to become a Labour politician – in fact he is what most people would desire from a Labour politician in this modern era of public schoolboys with no life experience.

His rise in the Labour Party

At the age of 27, he was elected as a councillor to Blackburn and Darwen Borough Council, serving for 8 years and campaigning tirelessly for education and economic development.

He became campaign manager for Janet Anderson, who went on to win her seat with a reduced majority in the General Election of 2005.  This led him to become campaign strategist for Labour in the 2006 Local Elections.

Selected in 2007 to be Labour’s PPC in Rochdale, he immediately found himself in a storm with the local party over postal voting and the selection process.  Many felt that short-listing had been deliberately manipulated to exclude Afzal Khan (now a Labour MEP), who had received the highest number of nominations.

Elected as MP for Rochdale in 2010, Simon quickly became a darling of the media, charting a meteoric rise in profile as a result.

That book about Cyril Smith

Cyril-Smith-in-1991Simon Danczuk co-authored the book Smile for the Camera: The Double Life of Cyril Smith which asked some serious questions about cover-ups throughout the establishment permitting Smith to abuse young boys.  His book outed Cyril Smith (albeit a bit late as he had managed to die before having to answer any allegations) and forced a high-level inquiry into the affair, bringing the whole issue of Child Abuse within Westminster to the fore of media and governmental attention.

This I applaud him for, even though we now know he did profit from the book (£20,000 if all accounts are to be believed).  This subject needed to be brought up at the time, it needed high level intervention to ensure documents were not destroyed, and to ensure that a full Public Inquiry would be held.

The Race Conundrum

When Simon Danczuk was being interviewed, in a rabid frequency which appeared to be daily, by various media outlets, he seemed in 2013 to be quite sure of the link between Muslims of Pakistani descent and Child Abuse in Rochdale – not too difficult a task given the court case ongoing at the time.


An unhealthy brand of politics “imported” from Pakistan is partly to blame for the cover-up of mass child abuse in Rotherham and other British cities according to Mr Danczuk, quoted in the Telegraph.

He even campaigned for the Left getting tough on Immigration and penned a lengthy article in the Telegraph about Cheap Immigrant Labour.

“When we have more Malawian doctors in Manchester than Malawi is this really good for international development?”

“Do the economic arguments for freer immigration outweigh increasing long term unemployment among native Britons?”

“Is it right that some of the poorest towns in the UK house some of the highest number of asylum seekers?”

“Why don’t we refuse benefit claims for anyone entering the country for the first six months of their stay?”

“The problems run deep, but immigration is a critical issue and must be recognised as such.”

Simon Danczuk

This ‘anti immigration’ stance seemed to come to the fore about this time, and Simon even toyed with the idea of defecting to UKIP.

He met for a drink with Nigel Farage (the usual prerequisite to defection by all accounts), he was interviewed in a pub with his father, openly discussing immigration and his father voting UKIP, yet he point blank refused to answer the delectable Louise Mensch when she called on him to answer for it on Twitter.

Obviously Simon Danczuk denied he was considering defecting to UKIP when asked by the national media, though he did say at the time his party would have to address Immigration as a matter of high priority.

Then, once the realisation that Labour had a battle to hold onto his seat dawned, he seemed to change his tune and become a friend to the ethnic minorities in Rochdale.

All of a sudden transforming from the only Labour MP to be banging the Immigration drum, he became the friend of Pakistan and the Muslim population of Rochdale.

Simon Danczuk at the raising of Pakistan flag in RochdaleThis little flag raising event he attended caused a serious storm on Twitter, with him and firebrand Katie Hopkins getting into a spat (which she won hands down in my humble opinion).

katiehopkins-simondanczukKatie suggested a direct link between Pakistani/Muslim men and the Child Abuse scandal in the UK which Simon refused to accept (even though it has been said publicly by many members of the establishment).  Coming from someone who was supposedly eager for Immigration to be addressed, and also a champion of Child Abuse cases – this seemed to be a little off-policy.

As if being pwn’ed on Twitter by Katie Hopkins wasn’t bad enough, Simon then reports her to the police for possible ‘Race Hate Crimes’.  This did little to calm down an already-building crescendo of negativity been hurled Simon Danczuk’s way on Twitter.

I have to be honest, it looked to me like he was using a petty, narrow-minded, Labour-leftie attitude which is maddening to anyone on the receiving end, playing the racism card when in a tight spot.

Simon Danczuk defends Muslim Rape GangsThis recently-discovered love and appreciation for all things Pakistani and Muslim flies directly in the face of his own attitudes which were on show only months ago.

He was even accused in 2009 (prior to being elected as an MP) of holding secret meetings with a pro-Israeli MP Ivan Lewis, which would fly directly in the face of this new-found Muslim brotherhood.  This, then on the other hand (I’m assuming when he converted to this Islam race he is fond of?), he calls for the UK to recognise a free Palestinian state.

Freedom (or not?) of Speech

Back in the long-lost days of Simon Danczuk the ‘kipper, when he seemed to be banging the immigration drum loudest, the unthinkable happened – The Charlie Hebdo murders in Paris.

Simon Danczuk, like most other politicians, stood proudly in support of Freedom of Speech and directly in opposition to all things Muslim-Extremist.  These murders brought a lot of sabre-rattling in defence of Freedom of Speech.

Simon Danczuk MP stands in defiance of Charlie Hebdo murdersThis all changed overnight – Simon woke up one morning and had embraced Islam (though the poor deluded fool still thinks that Islam is a Race, rather than just another made-up religion).  He found favour among the ethnic minorities he so feared in the run up to the General Election in May.

Then today, he lobs another bombshell on Twitter, suggesting that Free Speech is not a given right, but a privilege.

Simon Danczuk attacks Freedom of SpeechSimon Danczuk attacks Freedom of SpeechThis caused uproar online today, and I think this has put the nail in the coffin of Simon Danczuk’s chances of re-election.  The vast majority of the replies I read today were not painting Mr Danczuk in a very nice manner, and most would be unrepeatable.

So, what has happened to Simon Danczuk?  Has he been replaced by a Drone?  Has he woke up from a deep sleep and changed his whole outlook on Race, Religion and Equality – but distorted this to the views held by moderate-extreme Muslims?

Some further Scandal surrounding Simon Danczuk

The more I look closely at Simon Danczuk, the less I see the honest, trustworthy, non-establishment, man-of-the-people who first came to our attention when he championed the cause on behalf of Child Abuse victims – and the more I see a greedy, unprincipled, unscrupulous politician who is eager to retain his seat in Westminster, regardless of who he tramples to get there.

He has courted, or simply attracted, quite a lot of controversy in his short reign:

Now, you tell us – is this the same man who came into Parliament in 2010?

This had to be my favourite reply to Simon Danczuk today

This had to be my favourite reply to Simon Danczuk today

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  1. I Shafto

    Don’t forget the allegations that in 2009 when Simon Danczuk was the PPC for Rochdale, he assualted Karen on holiday and the huge fall out after that. Various senior labour people in Rochdale asked for questions to be asked to clear up the allegations, and the resulting acrimonious party enquiry resulted in 7 being expelled, suspended or resigning fron the Rochdale Labour party. Many other Labour party members supported the 7 and have since refused to campaign for Simon Danczuk, choosing instead to campaign in next-door Heywood & Middleton. All well-reported on Rochdale Online.

    • Yep, I have a link in my ‘scandal list’ referring to him and his woman-beating ways. This is not a nice man at all, and there is way too much witness evidence for it to be completely fabricated. I was taken in by him myself, I thought of him as one of the ‘good guys’.

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