PEGIDA Manifesto (translated from German to English)

Pegida-germanyThe PEGIDA Manifesto has been translated from German into English and makes very interesting reading.

The media and authorities would paint PEGIDA as a very far-right group, akin to EDL, BNP, etc but their manifesto would suggest something entirely different and probably matching a large proportion of public opinion throughout Europe.

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English Translation


  1. PEGIDA is FOR the acceptance of war refugees and politically-or religiously-persecuted people. This is a humanitarian responsibility.
  2. PEGIDA is FOR the acceptance of the duty and also right of integration into the Federal Republic of Germany’s Basic Constitutional Law.
  3. PEGIDA is FOR the dispersed location of war refugees and persecuted people, instead of their accommodation in inhuman conditions.
  4. PEGIDA is FOR a pan-European allocation system for refugees and an appropriate allocation on the shoulders of all EU member-states (a central registration authority to allocate to all EU member-states, similar to the internal German Königsteiner Schlüssela).
  5. PEGIDA is FOR lowering the ratio of refugees per welfare-carer (current refugees per social worker c.200:1, in reality there is no welfare-care for partly-traumatized people).
  6. PEGIDA is FOR an asylum-application procedure per the Netherlands or Switzerland model, and, until the implementation of it, FOR the BAMFb to shorten massively the duration between application request and processing, to make rapid integration possible.
  7. PEGIDA is FOR increasing resources for the Police and against a reduction in their numbers.
  8. PEGIDA is FOR the utilisation and implementation of the already-available laws concerning asylum and deportation.
  9. PEGIDA is FOR a zero-tolerance policy towards refugees or migrants convicted of offences.
  10. PEGIDA is FOR resistance to misogynistic, violent, political ideologies, but NOT to Muslims living here and voluntarily self-integrating.
  11. PEGIDA is FOR immigration, per the models of Switzerland, Australia, Canada and South Africa.
  12. PEGIDA is FOR sexual self-determination!
  13. PEGIDA is FOR the preservation and protection of the Judeo-Christian characteristics of the culture of the West.
  14. PEGIDA is FOR the implementation of Citizens’ Referendums, per the model of Switzerland.
  15. PEGIDA is AGAINST the delivery of arms/weapons to anti- or un-constitutional organisations, eg the PKK.
  16. PEGIDA is AGAINST the toleration of parallel societies, courts & laws in our midst, such as Sharia Law, Sharia-enforcement & judges, etc.
  17. PEGIDA is AGAINST the crazy “gender-mainstreaming” or, often, “genderising”, politically-correct neutering of our language.
  18. PEGIDA is AGAINST radicalism, equally whether religiously- or politically-motivated.
  19. PEGIDA is AGAINST hate preachers, equally, whichever religion they belong to.


a) Königsteiner Schlüssel = system/mechanism for tax-revenue/population based joint costs-financing among the regions/Länder of Germany.

b) BAMF = German Federal Department for Migration and Refugees

Credit to: @A_Liberty_Rebel & @SwitchAngel1975 for translation & collation.

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