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Owen Jones, either put up or just SHUT UP!

Owen Jones, enemy of the peopleI see little Lord Fauntleroy, or Owen Jones as we would normally refer to him, has decided to throw his toys completely out of the pram after his beloved Labour Party lost the General Election on May 7th.

Whilst I previously saw Owen Jones as an amusing sideshow in the run up to the Election, I fear that his self-absorbed, spoiled-child nature is beginning to show through and he has become less of a voice of the people and more of a rabble-rouser for the militant Left Wing (whilst conveniently not getting his little soft hands too dirty, obviously).

Owen Jones – some background

Born in Sheffield, raised in Stockport (briefly Falkirk), he describes himself as a 4th Generation Socialist – I’m assuming this comes from his family history on the ‘Left’:

  • Father: Trade Union Shop-Steward & Local Authority Worker
  • Mother: Lecturer
  • Grandfather: involved with the Communist Party
  • Parents: met as members of the Trotsky Militant Tendency

So, our Owen has had an upbringing which would lean towards Left-Militancy, with no actual real-life experience to back up anything he talks so vehemently about. His background would alienate him from anything Centre-Left, wanting a more radical Left-Wing approach.

His schooling consisted of Bramhall High School, Ridge Danyers Sixth Form College followed by University College, Oxford – just a typical Working Class guy, eh?

Owen Jones, another Oxford-educated, Champagne-socialist.

Prior to his media career with The Guardian (and some miserable attempts at left-wing books), Owen has not worked in the traditional sense.  He worked as a Trade Union Lobbyist and Parliamentary Researcher for left-wing Labour MP John McDonnell.

This John McDonnell was the same one who spoke at an IRA event honouring Bobby Sands, praising the bravery of the IRA.

“It’s about time we started honouring those people involved in the armed struggle.”

“It was the bombs and bullets and sacrifice made by the likes of Bobby Sands that brought Britain to the negotiating table.”

“The peace we have now is due to the action of the IRA.”

John McDonnell, Labour MP

I have absolutely no problem with Owen’s upbringing, he is entitled to the best his parents can manage for him. I have absolutely no problem with his left-wing views, even though I disagree with him fundamentally.

I do, however, have a problem with him calling people out onto the street in farcical protests against the democratically-elected government, knowing full well that earlier protests have led to violence.

Owen Jones lives in a bubble. He has never sat in the pub with me or you. He has never stood toe-to-toe and fought his way out of rough Working Men’s Clubs, or probably even had his hands dirty other than when pruning his Dahlias. He has never worked a menial job, nor had to worry about where his next meal was coming from. I’m not sure Owen Jones would realistically know what the Working Class of the UK would want – though this does not stop him from pushing his militancy onto others who are nothing other than wound up by the lies being fed to them, firstly from the Labour Election Campaign, and then supporters such as Owen himself.

My problem with Owen Jones isn’t that he has been raised with a Silver Spoon, enabling him the freedom to practise a left-wing ideology which has been proven elsewhere not to work.

My problem isn’t that Owen seems to be the darling of the TV political chat shows, giving him a platform to patronise on an industrial-scale.

My problem isn’t that he writes complete left-wing propaganda which the Guardian laps up greedily, without ever really being challenged on any point he makes.

My problem with Owen isn’t that he is Owen Jones, but because he cannot even see the danger his propaganda can lead to.


Owen is very vociferous in his support for any anti-Tory, anti-Austerity or generally anti-Establishment protests he can find.

He is a major player in the People’s Assembly, a recently-formed organisation which seems hell-bent on protesting about absolutely everything until the Tories walk away from government and hand power to Labour (hardly an aspiration one would want in a democratic society?). In fact, going by our friend Owen’s latest articles, he may not even be a fan of Labour as it stands, much preferring it would take a serious leap further to the Left.

Owen jones, supporting Protests by the People's Assembly

The People’s Assembly have already been the main organisers of protests which have turned violent, yet they continue unabated.

You’d think a soft-boy like Owen would distance himself, but he stokes the fire and conveniently slinks off when the violence starts. A true hero of the people.

Owen Jones is also an avid follower on Twitter of UK Uncut – who describe themselves as “a grassroots movement using direct action…”. UK Uncut are a militant left-wing rabble, operating under the guise of anti-austerity protestors (when most of them wouldn’t know about cuts or poverty unless it came to their comfortable, middle-class lives via television news).

Some of Owen’s recent Tweets and Retweets suggest he has learnt nothing from the Douglas Carswell incident, or the attack on the charity fundraiser in memory of Jamie Bulger. In fact, Owen brushes these completely under the carpet, even acting as an apologist for those who perpetrate such blatant riotous behaviour.

He continues to support and promote further protests, even knowing previous ones have turned violent.

owen-rt-protest-3owen-rt-protest-2Decriminalising Drugs

Owen does not see the danger, when he calls for Drugs to be Regulated and Decriminalised.

Whilst I can see the argument for certain milder drugs, such as Cannabis/Marijuana, I’m afraid Owen (in his little bubble of a world) has not seen first-hand the problems that the new drugs can cause.

I work as a part-time Doorman in a small club (average 120 heads) at weekends, where quite often the crowd can be young men/women aged 18-25. Since the opening locally of a ‘Head Shop’, selling so-called ‘Legal Highs’, the behaviour of these young people has fallen off the scale.

Let me give you some examples of incidents I have personally dealt with in the past couple of months, directly attributed to Drugs and Legal Highs:

  • 3 young lads, so off their head (not so on way in, they must have taken en route) on Legal Highs that they took what can only be described as ‘fits’ inside the Club. This involved me physically having to remove them, where they lashed out a lot, then dealing with them outside for an hour to ensure their safety (water, talking to, calming, ensuring safety, etc.). These young lads were Grammar-school educated and from decent Middle-Class stock.
  • 1 Young lad I had to eject from the club because he was starting trouble at every corner. He too turned out to be ‘off his head’ on Legal Highs, attacked me twice & it took an hour to get him removed completely from the premises car park. Less than an hour later, I was called half a mile away to give him CPR because his behaviour had caused someone to knock him out on the street and he was unconscious/unresponsive.
  • Last weekend I had what can only be described as an ‘epidemic of crying’ amongst a couple of groups of young girls. Each time I tried to intervene and see what was happening, I ended up in physical confrontations with the guys who accompanied these girls. It turns out, the girls were snorting some Legal High in the toilets (where I can do nothing – I patrol the Mens, but the Ladies is out of bounds for obvious reasons). I had to eject about 10 people over the incidents this caused (all guys, I won’t put a young girl out on the street without a Taxi). I’ll need a new shirt for next week, it got a little messy.
  • Myself and another doorman (bigger nights we have more than one) ended up being attacked by a group of 4-6 guys, surrounded by screaming girls, when we asked one politely to leave as his behaviour was disruptive. The whole crowd of them were high on these drugs and listening goes out the window when they are riled. This ended up in a number of minor injuries, but could have been a lot worse for all concerned.  Chairs were used as weapons during the scuffles, which is not the norm, usually those high on drugs tend to be the ones using such weapons.
  • I have ejected an average of 3-4 people per week whom I have caught ‘snorting’ drugs in the cubicles of toilets. I’ve been threatened many times as I cart these lads to the door, one even threatened to have me shot a few weeks back.
  • We have regular sickness, collapsing and general mess amongst girls and lads equally. Many times we have ended up calling an ambulance when someone is starting to look under pressure.
  • Last weekend I had to speak to a young girl who was allowing a sex act to be performed on her at the table, whilst others stood around videoing and cheering.  This is a first for me.
  • A few weeks ago a young lad, off his head completely, gatecrashed a Birthday Party.  When I ejected him, I found a commotion outside over a dog, of all things.  Apparently, the young lad had arrived with the dog (a small, nervous Terrier), then sold it to a concerned lady smoking outside for the price of some beer (or whatever).

The problem with these drugs, from a doorman’s point of view, is that anyone who is high on them is totally unreasonable and completely unreadable.  I do my job by reading people, looking for potential trouble, and heading off trouble before it actually kicks off.  Those who are drunk are easily dealt with, you at least know what you are likely to get, and you can work with them to avoid incident.  Those on Legal Highs seem to lose all focus, all sense of self-preservation, and they can repeat themselves (one sentence usually) for up to an hour at a time, making them very difficult to get off the premises without some sort of confrontation.

I also volunteer in a Community Rep role locally, in a small village outside a small town. I’m dismayed at the incidence of drug-taking and the openness associated with it.  I see children as young as 13 taking these substances, oblivious to the potential dangers associated.  I’ve even seen a young lad walk directly onto a dual carriageway and get knocked over whilst under the effects.

Now, if our friend Owen Jones wants to come and see first-hand the effects of these drugs, the sheer numbers of (what I’d class as normally-decent) kids who are taking them and the potential for incident directly attributable to them – he can feel free to contact me, the invite is open-ended.

I’d invite Owen, whilst he is here, to come and visit some of the young lives completely trashed by Legal Highs, who have Mental Health problems they never had before they began to dabble. I have many young lads living nearby who have ruined their life completely over drugs (and more recently so, Legal Highs).

Contact me, I’ll let you see 1st-hand Owen.  The invitation is open-ended, so anytime.”

So Owen, any chance you could think more (or shut up)?

Owen Jones, man of the people (from his little ivory tower), writes whatever he wants, as long as it is pitched as far to the Left as possible.

Owen Jones, Labour Supporter, even turns on his own when they don’t match his warped ideology.


Owen Jones, Left-Wing friend of the Working Class, who cannot make up his mind if ‘aspiration’ is a good thing or a bad one, whether it belongs to the Left or the Right.


“Andy Burnham, Yvette Cooper and Liz Kendall are all flinging around vacuous buzzwords like “aspiration”, words that mean nothing to most people, instead of providing a credible alternative to Tory austerity.”

Owen Jones

Owen Jones, who has an opinion on just about every aspect of life, without actually living it.

Owen Jones, who one would have assumed was an advocate of Free Speech, but then he refuses to attend a ‘Stop the War’ rally at which a NUN was invited to speak, forcing her to withdraw.

Owen Jones who doesn’t even see the potential danger in his militant approach to politics. Just because he has no concept of violence, he assumes all his knuckle-dragging, poorly educated, children-of-Blair-era friends are all of a pacifist nature like himself.

Douglas Carswell Mobbed outside Parliament

MP Douglas Carswell mobbed outside Parliament

Owen Jones, who thinks it is ok to start a headline with “The attack on Douglas Carswell was wrong, but…” without realising that he is all-but agreeing that it was acceptable behaviour (given the circumstances, eh Owen?)


Owen Jones, who completely ignores news which would not suit his ’cause’.  He will happily excuse the attack on Douglas Carswell, an honest and decent politician, but he chose not to comment at all on the attack on a Charity Fund-Raiser for Jamie Bulger.

Maybe Owen, you should think just a little more, get out and see first-hand a little more, live a little more…..or just SHUT UP, because you are doing nothing except cause division in our country.

You cannot see that your own warped view on politics, brought on by an early indoctrination in a more-privileged but dogmatic household, is not the view of the masses and should not be used as a tool to rabble-rouse amongst those who might not even understand the concept enough to even be able to hold a conversation on the subject.

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