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Miliband falls into final Tory Tax Trap at last PMQ’s

Labour VAT Poster FAILPoor old Ed Miliband, it just keeps getting worse.

Off goes the Labour Party, with a new poster launch, about a fortnight ago.  Their poster does a quick but efficient round of Social Media platforms.  They keep up the pressure, trying to call the Tories out on a potential VAT hike in the next parliament, if elected.

To be fair, their poster was well designed, clean, crisp, but overall menacingly dark.

Then off they trundle to PMQ’s today (Wed 25th March), where Ed jumps to his feet, indignantly asking the PM to answer on the burning question – “Will he now rule out a raise in VAT?”

To which, Cameron quickly replies “YES”.

This left poor Ed Miliband a little flustered, his speech beginning to stammer, but an obvious kick in the teeth.

The PM countered quickly afterwards, asking Straight answer from me, straight question to him – I have ruled out VAT, will he rule out national insurance contributions, yes or no?”

Ed Miliband tried to deflect the question, but certainly failed to answer it – handing the Tories a serious WIN at their final Prime Minister’s Questions before the General Election.

Whilst Miliband managed to land the odd blow, this was a knockout on anyones scorecard.

Watch Video:  Cameron wipes the floor with Miliband at final PMQ’s

A couple of points I need to add though:

1) Mr Cameron, a slip of the tongue I’m sure, but the answer should have been “..straight questions deserve straight answers…”, not the other way around.

2) The Conservatives pledged last time not to raise VAT, and they did shortly afterwards.  No doubt Labour will make a big deal from this.  The fact is, in 2010 the Tories had no idea how bad the books were, so they may have had to rethink some policies rather sharpish.

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