Michael Portillo makes a very strong case to vote for BREXIT

BREXIT: Michael Portillo explained this week why the only sensible way to vote in the upcoming EU Referendum is to vote LEAVE.

“The only rational thing to do is to vote to LEAVE, because only at that point do you get a proper re-negotiation and the possibility of a proper settlement.”

Michael Portillo 14-01-2016

Portillo, like some other commentators I’ve heard lately, is suggesting that we will not have a single ‘EU Membership’ Referendum in the UK, should we somehow vote to LEAVE, it will inevitably lead to further ‘renegotiations’ and another referendum.

This makes a very strong case for voting to LEAVE, since we could therefore be sure the next set of negotiations, prior to a second EU referendum, would result in a much better deal for the UK.


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