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Jibes at the Jihadists

ISIS (or ISIL) are using Social Media to promote their fanatical cause, displaying horror videos such as beheadings and mass murder.  The latest of these shocked the world when they set a brave Jordanian Pilot on fire, their most sickening yet, and one which they carefully choreographed (unlike this little gem below).

More information on ISIS

This is the video ISIS/ISIL (whatever their name is this week) don’t want you to see.

This is a compilation of FAILS, where things don’t go just right for the idiots they would have us believe are seasoned fighters.

Just click the image above to view the video…


  • We have taken this video off YouTube, hosting it ourselves, just incase the powers that be decide to remove it.
  • We apologise for the poor quality, but apparently they only put their media skills to use when it’s propaganda they want us to see.
  • The “no animals have been hurt during the making of this video” disclaimer we are used to on films does not apply – we hope some were.


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