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It’s high time Social Services were held accountable for their failings

Haringey Social Services - Accomplices in MurderIf you or me caused, or contributed to (by negligence or whatever), the death of a child in the normal operation of our work, we would be hung out to dry and rightly so.

Social Services fail children on a regular basis.

It seems, however, that Social Services are above the law and they can make as many ‘mistakes’ as they like and get away with it, merely brushing their involvement under the carpet and blaming it on a lack of training or a lack of funding. I’m sorry, but that is complete and utter bullshit (apologies for my French, but I find these people are not worthy of anything less), and it is high time they did their jobs properly or they were replaced by people who will.

We are calling for one of our potential new MP’s (whoever it may be after May 2015) to put a bill before Parliament that holds these halfwits accountable for their actions.

They make life-changing decisions for families, taking children away from families where there is no need, leaving children in care vulnerable to abuse, permitting people who have no notion on how to care for a child to keep their children (ultimately leading to some horrendous and wicked deaths) – yet no matter what they decide to do, they are not held accountable in ANY manner.

Ultimately, it is down to the individual Social Services ‘Case Worker’ to decide what action (or lack of action) needs to be taken in any specific case, and there is no real checking of their investigations, visits or work in general.

The Court system, when faced with any family case regarding a child, rely totally on the report prepared for them by whatever clown of a Social Worker is attached to the ‘case’. They refuse to listen to parents, lawyers, barristers or any other affected party. Social workers play GOD in the court system in the UK, and this needs to change.

This is a shameful practice and it has led to the death of far too many children in the most horrific of circumstances.

Funnily enough, in the Health Service (or local Council), when processing invoices for payment the work is done initially by a Clerical Officer, then checked by someone above them before anyone gets paid for even a pint of milk. Every single invoice raised by a supplier that comes through the monthly payment system is processed and checked before it is allowed to be paid. This is done every day by Accounts departments, yet the same is not true for Social Services, who are seen as completely infallible in everything that they do.

Surely a child’s life is as important as maybe overpaying a small invoice?

Another poor child left to be murdered by Haringey Social Services

The latest case, involving the already infamous Haringey Council, involves the death of a 6-month old boy, in yet again horrific circumstances. This poor child was left in the care of a mother who had only finished a 12-year sentence abroad for stabbing someone to death during a burglary, and not even added to the ‘At Risk Register’ by Haringey Social Services, despite them being warned of her past by Police and hospital staff.

The mother was wearing an electronic tag whilst extradition proceedings were being pursued against her.

She had fled to the UK after serving 9 years of a 12 year sentence for stabbing someone to death during a bungled burglary.

The child spent 3 days in hospital after being found unresponsive with head injuries at home, and died from his injuries on January 26th in the excellent Great Ormond Street Hospital (after being transferred from North Middlesex Hospital).

Of course, the family are not being named, we’d hate to breach the Human Rights of the murdering scumbag who killed this child, the person who should never have been allowed into our country in the first place (but that would require some Border Controls, of which we seem to have none), and the person Haringey Social Services left to murder this poor child – AGAIN.

As it is the mother, aged 30, and her ‘partner’, aged 26, were arrested on January 25th and they will be charged with the death of this child. Obviously nobody from Haringey Social Services will face any sort of justice – we all know what happened the last time someone was sacked, she got a taxpayer-funded payout of over £600k for her trouble.

Some other recent cases

Take a read at the scary list, compiled by and you will see that failing children in the UK is not new, we have been allowing this to go on for years. The children in this list have all died in horrific circumstances and I dare anyone to read the list without feeling some sort of shame at the way we are guilty for allowing this to happen.

I say WE are guilty because WE allow this to happen by OUR authorities – people supposedly accountable to US

It’s time someone DID something

We need to examine our attitude towards these Social Services clowns, we need to examine exhaustively WHY these cases are permitted to happen on their watch, and we need to torture our local MP to act and ACT NOW.

We would call on every right-thinking resident in the UK to email their MP a link to this article, and ask them what they intend to do about it. We are not prepared to sit back and read horror story after horror story about the way children are neglected, tortured and killed in this country whilst in the supposed care of our bungling Social Services departments.

They are certainly well enough paid, well enough trained, and well enough to ensure they have a nice life, paid for by the UK Taxpayer.


Do you have a story about Social Services and how they have let you, or your family down? We’d like to hear about it, as we will not be letting them off the hook anytime soon.

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