Huge increase in number of Swedish border police proposed at border with Denmark


The Öresund bridge

Swedish border police in Skåne are recruiting an extra 72 new border control officers, according to Swedish Radio.  This is a significant rise from the 10-15 border control officers currently working in the area.

They will be working in Malmö, Helsingborg and Trelleborg in southern Sweden and used to check photo ID of all travellers from Denmark to Sweden.

Early in January, Sweden imposed border controls on the Öresund bridge connecting it with Denmark in an effort to reduce the number of migrants entering the country. Everybody travelling to Sweden from Denmark must now show their passport or a valid ID.

Struggling border control staff have previously been reinforced by police officers, drafted in from around the country.

This increase in border staff is surely a sign that a ‘temporary blow’ to the EU’s cherished passport-free Schengen system is now more likely to be a permanent fixture.

The Swedish government has said it will review the border controls on a monthly basis, but the employment of additional border staff suggests they don’t see the checks ending anytime soon.

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