Hilary Benn shows true leadership quality with Syria Airstrikes speech

Hilary Benn, Shadow Foreign Secretary in Jeremy Corbyn’s troubled Labour Party made the speech of his life tonight in the House of Commons.

He may well have went against the wishes of his leader, but Hilary earned a lot of respect from both sides of the house.

The debate over Syria Airstrikes was held today, with 10½ hours set aside to debate, then vote on the plan carefully laid out by David Cameron over the past week or so.

The past few days have seen much written & recorded over the case to ‘Bomb Syria’, with nobody from the ‘For’ side correcting (or not loud enough anyway) the rhetoric and convincing a large proportion of the population that the bombing was targeted, specifically against the infrastructure and resources of ISIS, allowing the ‘War’ headlines and generalisations over bombing which seemed to suggest the RAF had returned to 1940’s style of indiscriminate city-bombing.

Nobody made the case For’ better than Hilary Benn today, much to the anger of the Corbynistas on Social Media who have switched between calling Hilary a Tory and demanding deselection, through to insulting him with references to his late father, Tony Benn MP.

Hilary Benn’s speech lasted a gripping 15 minutes, with the resulting cross-party applause leaving everyone in no doubt that the vote was going to conclude with a resounding majority in favour, agreeing with David Cameron that the UK should involve herself in bombing ISIS on the Syrian side of a border ISIS do not recognise.

Twitter was soon alight, with plaudits coming from a wide range of sources.

One thing we can all agree on – this speech will be reviewed for many years to come.  As someone who is not impressed with Labour at the moment, I’ve learned there are still some amazing MP’s in the party.

Perhaps a change of Labour Party Leader would deliver the effective opposition our House of Commons is crying out for?  Who could step into such worn-down shoes?

Hilary Benn certainly screamed leadership credentials throughout his lengthy and passionate speech tonight.

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