Germany – more than 130,000 Asylum seekers disappeared in 2015

Migrants in Southern GermanyFigures released by the German Interior Ministry reveal more than 130,000 asylum seekers went missing after being initially registered in Germany in 2015.

German authorities have previously admitted that they could not locate 600,000 migrants as a mere 476,649 of the reported 1.1 million have actually turned up at their assigned destination to register their asylum case. These new figures appear to relate to those who actually have registered initially, but then simply disappear.

The new figures will add further pressure to Merkel, struggling to regain some semblance of popularity in the face of a completely chaotic handling of the Europe-wide migrant crisis. They also show the logistical nightmare authorities face in trying to keep tabs on the new arrivals to Europe.

These figures were published by the Süddeutsche Zeitung after Die Linke (the Left Party) made an official request in the German parliament.

Officials admitted in response that 13% of people who were registered as asylum seekers in 2015 didn’t arrive at the shelter they were assigned to. With approximately 1.1 million people registered last year in the ‘Easy System’ computer system – this computes to 130,000 people who did not arrive where they were supposed to.

The Interior Ministry says that some asylum seekers make have travelled on to other countries within Europe, others may have slipped “into illegality”.

The figures also show how the Dublin Accord, under which asylum seekers are sent back to the EU country in which they first registered, has fallen apart over the past 12 months.

“The Dublin system is not only a bureaucratic nightmare, it’s a human one too – it creates uncertainty for refugees in need of protection and it demands an enormous amount of manpower at the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and in the courts.”

Ulla Jelpke of Die Linke told the SZ

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