German police release initial crime figures for Cologne Carnival

Police in Cologne for the CarnivalInitial crime figures for the Cologne Carnival, released by German police, have been reported in today’s

Police report that there had been a number of typical carnival alcohol-related incidents in the centre of Cologne, but details reported from ‘Weiberfastnacht’ (Ladies Night, Thursday 04/02/2016) until early Monday morning (08/02/2016) include:

  • 352 suspects were taken into custody in Cologne and neighbouring Leverkusen.
  • 62 arrests have been made.
  • 542 criminal charges have been recorded.
  • 45 of these charges are sexual offences, including 3 in Leverkusen.
  • Sexual offences range from sexual insult through to rape.
  • Another 1079 ‘troublemakers’ were ‘dismissed’.
  • 2 officers were injured in brawls.

It seems the numbers are less than the madness of New Year’s Eve, possibly due to the additional police officers drafted in to maintain order. The numbers are still alarming, given this event has been prepared for since the events of NYE became apparent.

It also appears the numbers are a serious rise from last year, with 22 sexual assaults reported on Ladies Night, compared to 9 the previous year.

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