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EU Membership is an issue for you, whether you want it to be or not

country-first-political-party-secondIt seems the Labour Party do not want to discuss the EU, or the effect it has (and most certainly WILL have) on the UK. Certainly not in the run up to the General Election anyway.

They have said they oppose an In/Out EU Referendum, but will push for reform, without actual detail and very little mention since.  They are not alone.

Now pay attention because I have some serious reservations here which affect all of us, regardless of which Political Party you support, or direction your Politics lean.

No EU Referendum

This removes choice from the voting public and is very un-democratic.  Labour (and a lot of other parties too) are effectively saying that the citizens of the UK are not capable of making this important decision, even though it affects each and every one of us dramatically.

So we, who are not capable of making this important decision, are supposed to lie down and let this pass – even though they expect us, the very same voting public, to decide that they (the Labour Party) should run our country instead of the Conservatives or anyone else.

We cannot decide upon EU Membership – yet it is US the incoming government works FOR, and our will they are supposed to reflect. This suggests to me that Labour have forgotten that they work FOR US, not the other way around.

EU Reform

You, me and my two delightful dogs know that the EU will never permit us (the UK) to propose any major reforms at all. The Tories are hell-bent on reform also – but at least they have LEVERAGE with the threat of an EU exit.

I highly doubt that any substantial EU reform will happen, but without this leverage, it most certainly will NOT. This makes any pledge Labour having been hinting at hardly worth the paper it has been scribbled on.

This makes the Referendum crucial, without it reform is a non-starter.

Immigration Control

The vast majority of the UK wants Immigration control, in some fashion. All the polls are agreed on this, with substantial majorities. We (or most of us anyway) can see that the sheer numbers coming to the UK are crippling our Public Services and causing a housing shortage reaching epic proportions. There are obviously other factors affecting these, but unfettered Immigration is a major factor.

The promise (conveniently left out of any talk from the Labour Party lately) of Immigration Control is a red herring because, without EU Reform, we cannot control the number of EU migrants coming to our shores.

The Tories tried and failed to control the numbers (a fact Labour have not let them forget), but the addition of Romania and the likes to the ‘Free Movement’ policy snookered this. They did, however, limit non-EU migrants, but this was more than offset by the increase in EU Immigration.

Basic Economics

The Tory/LibDem Coalition (whether you agree with them politically or not) have certainly kick-started the UK Economy again, following the disastrous Economic Crash of 2008. Whether or not you apportion any blame to Labour over this is totally irrelevant – the fact remains the UK is growing and recovering faster than any other member country in the EU.

Surely, as we improve and other countries don’t, more EU citizens are going to look at the UK as a better option and Immigration will be pushed upwards. We will effectively become a product of our own success, until the numbers overcome us and things turn for the worse.

EU Crisis Looming

Everyone is aware, even though our mainstream media have chosen to ignore it nowadays, of the crisis facing Greece.  Greece is teetering on the brink of exiting the Eurozone and this will undoubtedly have a seriously negative effect on the Eurozone as a whole.

Not only that, once one country exits (and I am convinced they WILL exit eventually), the added pressure on others who are already struggling will be immense (think Spain, Portugal, Italy, etc.). A domino effect is entirely possible and the crisis this could cause is immeasurable.

So, the EU leaders (unelected, scary dudes that they are) will try to stop this. The only way this can be done is to force even closer Political Union between the Eurozone countries (of which we are not a member thankfully). Where will the UK be in all of this? Your guess is as good as mine. If we do not involve ourselves in this Political Union, we risk becoming a non-entity in the EU as policy will always favour Eurozone countries to avoid any breakup.

With closer Political Union comes less control over our own borders. When the EU tells us what we have to do, how can we refuse?

Non-EU Immigration

The shocking Migrant Boat Crisis caused a stir in our media, right up until the late-night meeting of EU members. The media now act as if that sorted the crisis, hardly mentioning it now at all. The EU are actually partly to blame for these poor souls, and their solution might not leave all of us with a pleasant taste in our mouths.

The EU are already suggesting that all member states take in a ‘fair share’ of these illegal immigrants, which means us too. Leaving the humanitarian side of this alone for the present, focussing purely on the numbers and the lack of any control over the type of people (we already know 14 Christian migrants were viciously thrown overboard to a watery grave), we will have to take in a share of approximately a million people, without any recourse.

I have already penned an article about the Migrant Boat Crisis, detailing the failings of the UK and our masters in the EU, so I’ll leave the human side alone here (please do not judge me harshly here, this article is purely about the numbers, I’m well aware of the human tragedy unfolding in the Mediterranean).

What do we need to do?

Folks, whatever you political persuasion, you must see that we need either to reform the EU dramatically or leave it completely. The lack of leverage (a Referendum) makes reform almost impossible.

Labour, Liberal Democrats, Plaid Cymru, the SNP and the Monster-Raving Green Party all oppose a Referendum, none will offer it or vote to permit it.  UKIP would certainly support it, but are unlikely to have sufficient MP’s returned to make their vote worth much (I actually reckon they could get 6-10, but that’s a side issue).

This leaves us with one Party, the Conservatives. Without a majority, the Tories cannot secure the Referendum we MUST HAVE. In or Out is irrelevant, it is the leverage a looming Referendum gives that is crucial here.

The EU has a crisis looming, they will deal with it badly as they have done with pretty much every crisis up until now. Their crisis will affect us, it will increase our Immigration numbers, putting pressure onto our services which we are already struggling to sustain.

This upcoming Parliament, over the next 5 years, is the ONLY chance we will ever get for reform. Once the process of Political Union has begun, it will run amok and we will lose the ability to force any reform at all.

I ask you, my fellow UK citizens, regardless of creed, colour, religious affiliation, political affiliation, economic status, or anything else – vote with your HEAD, not your HEART.  Vote a Tory majority government in for the next 5 years – it is the ONLY way to stop the upcoming nightmare we will all face, and will pay for.  I know it will stick in the throat of a large proportion of you, but let it run for 5 years, then vote whoever you want back in.

We already know they are fixing the economy, so what harm can it realistically do?  They have promised 8 billion for the NHS, let’s hold them to it.  The tax cuts they have promised will be welcome to us all, and if they don’t deliver we can hammer them for it in 5 years time.

But, let’s get this EU situation sorted, I fear this Parliament may be our only chance.


Immigration can, and has been, good for our country in many ways – but we are a small island, our infrastructure cannot cope any more.  If we get one further spike in Immigration, our Public Purse is in serious trouble.

Some will argue that Immigrants ‘pay their way’, and I do not doubt a great many do – but we have borrowed consistently to pay for our current Public Services, Tax Revenue does not cut it.  The infrastructure required will more than offset any Tax Revenue raised from Immigration.

One more time – Vote Conservative, let’s have a grown-up debate and a Referendum over the EU, and let’s give the UK a chance to thrive for everyone we already have here.

This is a one-off job, never to be repeated….but surely it is time.


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