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Don’t waste your vote on the Monster Raving Green Party

Green Party 2015Well, it’s official, the Green Party are not a bunch of tree-hugging, haphazardly-attired, peace loving, strangely-coloured-tea drinking, vegans.  They are not those who so love everyone in the universe that they would rather wear cast-offs and drink dirty water than pollute our planet one more minute.  They are not the people who, when randomly encountered on the street, smile at even the most unpretty of us.

Oh, they aren’t?  Nope, that’s what I thought too…

They are raving lunatics, hell-bent upon turning a long-established, civilised, economic powerhouse that is the current UK into a complete and utter farce, completely unable to afford even a portion of its debts, totally laughed at by the rest of the developed (and developing) world.

You know when you pass someone on the street, someone you know from the general area you live.  Someone who had it all, but who let it go for one unlucky reason or other.  You know the guy – the guy who used to own half the buildings in your street.  The guy who drove the best looking car, the flashy one that everyone recognised as his.  The guy who, one day, lost it all.  The guy who now looks a shell of his former self.  Remember the feeling you get when you pass this guy?  Keep that feeling…

Now, watch the video of Natalie Bennett, the Leader of the Green Party with the excellent Andrew Neil.  Pay particular attention to the figures discussed – you know, those ones that are generated from our hard-earned taxes?  See what these lunatics intend to put forward in a manifesto prior to the May 2015 General Election.

Natalie Bennett – The Car Crash interview with Andrew Neil

Me, you and the sleeping dog at my feet know – there is not one chance in a cold and dark hell that the ‘policies’ (policies, I’m using the word, but I cannot take this seriously) suggested would ever see the light of day.  We know there is nothing said during this interview that would ever pass it’s way through any self-respecting Parliament – so why would you waste your vote on these people?

Natalie tells voters how to be un-democratic

You could be thinking to yourself – “but that’s old news surely?”.  Then, off she pops this morning to an Ask The Leaders event, hosted by Sky.  She seems to be going ok this time, basking in the joy of some half-sensible answers, almost passing herself as a serious politician.

Then away she goes again, telling people to mess up their voting papers, in the most un-democratic method.  No Natalie, we don’t wish to wreck the next General Election, you see we need to eat for the next five years.

“If you don’t know who to vote for ‘write a rude word on the ballot paper’ instead.”

Green Party leader, Natalie Bennett

We need to work, pay our bills, feed our children, all the normal things a hard-working UK citizen does.  The fact that you find our General Election such an unimportant event means the last Economic Crisis probably didn’t affect you in the same way it affected us.

“Don’t vote for them, it only encourages them”

“Don’t vote for them, it only encourages them” – a classic quote from Billy Connolly.  I never thought I’d be able to take the Big Yin literally, but there you go Bill, you nailed it!

You could vote for them, exercising your right to protest at the mess of the other, mainstream political parties.  You could, but then can you sit at home for the next 5 years and complain bitterly that your government never listens, never deals with the issues affecting you?

At least the Monster Raving Looney Party dressed up for the occasion.

Take a bow Natalie, I can’t wait for your appearance in the upcoming televised Leaders Debates!

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