Austria: Muslim preschools ‘linked to Islamist groups’

austrian minister

Austria’s Integration Minister, Sebastian Kurz.

AUSTRIA: A state-funded study into Islamic kindergartens in Vienna suggests that Islamist groups such as the Muslim Brotherhood and its Turkish counterpart Milli Gorus have links to some of the Austrian capital’s preschools.

Austria’s Integration Minister, Sebastian Kurz, wants to introduce tighter controls on Islamic kindergartens to prevent radicalisation, citing a danger of “parallel societies emerging”.

The author of the study, Ednan Aslan, is a professor at the Institute of Islamic Studies at Vienna University. He found that the religious education preached by several of the capital’s 150 Muslim establishments led to “theologically-motivated isolation” and robbed children of their autonomy through “intimidation”.

Intellectual Salafists and political Islamists are the dominant groups in the Islamic kindergarten scene in Vienna,” the study concluded.

“In many of their publications the Muslim Brotherhood and Milli Gorus reject the Western way of life as an inferior worldview,”, 29/02/2016.

Many of the private Islamic preschools are subsidised by the City of Vienna, to the tune of 30 million Euros, according to a report in the Krone newspaper.

Aslan admitted that the majority of the Islamic kindergartens were unwilling to participate in his study and some took down their websites to make data inaccessible.

The president of Vienna’s Muslim community, Fuat Sanat, has said that allegations of “Salafist” education in preschools are “ridiculous”.

Salafism, like the more widely known Wahhabism, is a puritanical strain of Islam, with an apocalyptic view and a seriously radical following. Most of the more extreme Islamic terrorist groups in the Middle East can be traced to Wahhabism or Salafism.

We have already written about the dangers of Wahhabism and Salafism in the UK, with Saudi-funded preachers teaching a more fundamentalist, radical Islam to an already marginalised UK Muslim population.

It is this apocalyptic strain of Islam which is radicalising young European Muslims, yet it is infiltrating every aspect of church and education, with little or no state regulation at all.

The UK had a taste of what is happening in our own education system with the ‘Trojan Horse’ scandal in Birmingham lately. This was an organised attempt to introduce a Salafist, Islamist ethos into schools throughout Birmingham by associated individuals (parents, parents groups, school governors, etc.), even resulting in some head teachers being marginalised or forced from their jobs.

The UK and our European allies need to waken up to the problem that is festering in our midst. ‘Radical’ Islam is being permitted to grow, spreading like a cancer through our peaceful ‘moderate’ Muslim communities and creating an ideological problem which will take generations to remove. Young European Muslims are being brainwashed to follow an unbending, isolationist strain of Islam, with extreme violence at its heart.

Mo Ansar, a prominent voice amongst the more moderate UK Muslim community, refered lately in a speech to a ‘toxic‘  influence within radical Islam.  This decribes it exactly, a toxic cancer which is causing as much distress inside Western Muslim communities as outside of them.

There is a simple solution to this problem, though few European governments are keen to employ it, since it might mean offending their Saudi (and her cohort) ‘sponsors’.  This puritanical and radical strain of Islam is directly funded by rich Middle Eastern Sunni’s, mainly from the House of Saud and her ‘hangers on’, the West merely has to stop this funding.

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