UK is a website set up to provide opinion pieces on a wide range of current affairs, particularly those affecting this once-great country we all live in.

We’ll be providing you with some in-depth news and articles which are maybe not always being told to the man in the street, in an attempt to ensure a more transparent reporting of news than the biased ‘party line’ being fed to us by UK media.

Me personally? I’m Northern Ireland reared, a child of the Troubles, who believes very strongly in the strength of the Union.  I float between NI and the North of England for work and life, but my ambition at present is to see the once great UK remove the shackles placed on her by an undemocratic European Union, pushing us closer to a Federal Europe that will kill the identity of the UK and enslave us to nameless, unelected officials.

I currently support the Tory government, fully committed to their ascension into the main political force required to drive the UK forwards.  Their record, if we were any other European country, in tackling our economic woes is nothing short of miraculous when one considers the depth of depression felt in 2008.  Tories will deliver the crucial EU Referendum, sometime in 2016 hopefully, which will give the UK a chance to break free and once again rule her own destiny. #Brexit is my goal.

I believe in Free Speech, but I don’t advocate abuse.  Abuse kills debate, yet debate is the most important ingredient in the pie of public knowledge.  One should engage with those who differ, but never to the point of abuse.  Engagement is key to ensure facts & truth are shared and understood by an ever-wary general public, sick of the bias and misreporting forced on them by UK mainstream media.

So, whilst you will see me engage with a varied bunch of people on Twitter, you can assume I do not agree with all of them.  If we close engagement avenues & refuse to debate an issue, how then can we be sure we are correct in our assessment of the situation?

Why UKRants, not a named individual?

I am often called ‘anonymous’ when debating on Twitter, particularly with some journalists.  Some use it as a weapon, refusing to debate ‘with anonymous accounts’ as if not displaying our true name makes us less of a person pushing the keys.

My feelings on this are simple, I have a day job, one where my political ramblings have no place.  I am unlike a journalist, who is pushing their own name on Twitter in order to further their career (their name IS their career). I do this as a hobby, because I am interested, so I have no axe to grind and am not reliant on my opinion being popular enough to earn this week’s groceries.  Certainly my opinion pieces will reflect my personal prejudices, but hopefully I provide balance where possible.

I also intend UKRants to have more than one contributor.  I am already discussing some guest contributions, with a view to accepting regular opinion pieces from suitable writers.

We love Feedback and Content

If you have something you wish us to raise, discuss, investigate, etc, please feel free to use our contact form and we will get in touch if we feel it is worthy of a mention.  If you have some useful information that you want to share, feel free to pass it to us and we’ll consider it.

If you have a point of view on a particular subject, feel it is being overlooked in the mainstream media, feel free to pitch it to us.  I personally am happy to publish any article, regardless of source, providing it is factual and proven.

Please Note

There is no room for racism, bigotry, sexism, homophobia or any other bias.  We aim to tell the story as we see it, without causing too much offence if possible.  I cannot promise that we won’t offend some people, as the ‘pc brigade’ in this country seem to have made most subjects taboo so we cannot have full and frank discussions about them.

I mean no offence.  Sometimes I may word things ambiguously, or fail to project correct emphasis in the wording of Tweets, but this is done merely by oversight and being subject to limits, never on purpose.

A point of warning though.  When approaching me with hostility on Social Media (I do get a lot of this, but it’s water off a duck’s back), I do tend to bite back in a manner equivalent to my attacker.  I can take it, but ensure you can take it back, or engagement will be futile.

I will not block or silence you because I disagree with you, in fact I would encourage you to share your side of the story.  I will, however, not waste my time with trolls who only want to abuse.