30-strong ‘migrant’ group harasses young girls in north Germany

Germany Migrant CrisisWith the news still fresh over the horror of New Year’s Eve in Cologne, news has emerged of 3 young girls being harassed by a group of almost 30 men, described as “from a migrant background”, in Kiel, northern Germany.

The incident took place between 5.30 and 7.30pm on Thursday (25/02/2016) as the teenagers, aged between 15 and 17, went out for dinner together.

They were initially followed by two young men, both from Afghanistan. The two men then started filming the girls with their phones as they sat in the restaurant. According to statements the girls gave to police, the men then appeared to send these pictures (or videos) to other people.

Within a few minutes a group of up to 30 men had assembled outside the restaurant.

Two of the girls ran from the restaurant, managing to shake of a group of ten men who had followed them, but when they returned to look for their friend, two men sat next to them and began again to harass them. According to the reports neither man tried to physically assault the girls.

When police arrived, alerted by others in the restaurant, they tried to establish the identities of four of the men. The men resisted and are now charged with attempted grievous bodily harm.

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